things they don’t tell you, ch. 2- buy stocks in unscented hypoallergenic detergent

I’m not an idiot, so I did know that laundry would play a much more significant role in my life after this baby came along. What I didn’t know was that laundry would actually threaten to be my life.

Yes, my husband and I are cloth diapering, and we’re fully aware that we’ve brought this upon ourselves. However, even if you took away the diapers and the cloth wipes and all of that business, we’d still be left with a pretty intimidating stack of dirty baby things.

For example, last night I put my baby to bed in fresh pajamas. Three hours later he’d somehow spit up enough to soak through the blanket I wrap around his swaddle cloth (when it’s chilly), the swaddle cloth, and his pajamas. Obviously, I changed his diaper while I changed everything else, did a lazy parent put-him-in-a-different-spot-in-his-crib-so-he’s-not-sleeping-in-spit-up-and-I-can-change-the-sheets-in-the-morning move, and went back to sleep. 3 hours after that, another disaster (this one involving a diaper leak), and the whole fiasco was repeated. So, if you’re keeping track, in my laundry basket I had 2 blankets, 2 muslin swaddle cloths, 2 pairs of pajamas, 2 diapers and the accompanying wipes, 2 (maybe three?) burp cloths, and the crib sheet and mattress cover. Oh, plus, when I picked up my boy not knowing what had happened (the first time), I had sustained substantial damage to my shirt, so that went in the pile too.

Let me just tell you that if six hours of sleep time does that kind of damage, awake time is not going to be better. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many, many people who have given my son adorable swaddles, receiving blankets, clothing, and especially pajamas. If we did not have an entire dresser full of these things for him, he’d be naked after about 45 minutes of playtime. I’d have to use my curtains to fashion him some lederhosen, Sound of Music style. Even with the overabundance of precious items we’ve been gifted, we have been in situations in the wee hours of the morning that involve stumbling blearily down into the basement, hoping against hope that there is a clean what-have-you that simply hasn’t been taken out of the dryer.

Even if you keep up with washing and drying everything, the folding is another issue. I found out quickly that no one tells you it’s nearly impossible to fold the impossibly adorable teeny-tiny clothes that babies wear. Pajamas, okay. Short-sleeved onesies? They are too small to stay folded. I’ve finally resorted to rolling them, placing them on their sides, and cramming them tightly in the drawer so they can’t unroll. As you can tell, it’s basically a flawless system.

I could write about soiled linens all day (who couldn’t?), but I need to go fold some laundry.


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I love to camp, hike, read, take pictures, spend time with friends and family, play word games, and learn stuff about all kinds of different things. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I'm a vegetarian teetotaler. I used to be a teacher and now I'm a wife and a mom.
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