cloth diapers, pt. 1: why, oh why?

A lot of people ask me about cloth diapering when they find out that we’re doing it. So, I’ve decided to write about what we do and how it’s working for us. This post began as just that- a post. However, as I’m writing it’s morphing into a series, so settle in for the long haul, people (or just skip the whole series because you don’t care about cloth diapering…my feelings won’t be hurt).

If you’ve already decided to use cloth diapers, feel free to move ahead to cloth diapers, pt. 2: decisions, decisions to learn more about the different types of diapers available. Or, move on to cloth diapers, pt. 3: the grind to read about the daily issues involved with cloth diapering.


By no means am I an expert on the subject. There are still acronyms frequently used on CDing sites I have to look up, but it’s been 6 months now, and I haven’t given up on fluff yet. (Cool cloth diaperers call their diapers “fluff”. A collection of fluff is called a “stash”. I don’t actually use either of those terms in real life.)

Honestly, I have no idea how I even got the idea of cloth diapering in my head (I’m guessing Pinterest), but I mentioned it to my husband back in the early days of pregnancy, and he was on board immediately. Without his enthusiastic support of the idea, I doubt it actually would’ve happened, because it stinks (ha, see what I did there?) to be the only one involved in diapering a child, and because I was so consumed with nausea at that point in my pregnancy that I needed serious motivation to get on the internet and research our options.

The first step, for anyone, is deciding whether the pros of cloth diapering outweigh the cons. If convenience is the issue of foremost importance in your mind or if you don’t have a washer and dryer at home, then it’s probably a good idea to stick with ‘sposies (as they’re known in the CD world). If cost, natural fibers, general cuteness, or the environment are of more concern to you, cloth might be the answer. My basic pro/con list is here for your perusal. Obviously for us it was not so much about how many pros or cons there are on each list but about what our priorities were. We decided that we liked the money saving and environmentally friendly aspects of cloth diapering, and that those aspects (along with the other pros of CD) made it worth it for us.

I read a lot of blogs on the topic and got an idea of what types of diapers I was most interested in. I ran these ideas past my husband, who is generally agreeable and didn’t argue with my conclusions. During spring break we hit up a (really cute!) cloth diapering store, Baby Cotton Bottoms, in Colorado last year (aided by my nausea meds) and actually laid our eyes on current cloth diapers for the first time. We didn’t buy any diapers yet (though we did buy the most comfortable maternity shirt there…), but we were hooked and made up our minds to go for it.


We’re checking out a Bum Genius Freetime “Albert” diaper. So. Cute.

It took a few months to really, really figure out what we wanted to do, partly just due to the course of our crazy lives: a couple of months of nausea followed by the end of the school year/husband finishing grad school and starting his new (very busy) job, camp meeting, house hunting/buying, etc. Once we knew baby was going to be a boy and started registering for things, I paid for us to take a “Cloth Diaper Bootcamp” class at our nearest cloth diaper store, Ecobuns. The class wasn’t very scary even though bootcamp sounds terrifying. There was only one other couple there, and no one asked any questions (well, except me, of course). It was really helpful for me, though, and my husband found it to be pretty enlightening, too.

By the end of that night we’d spent some money (we received a discount for our purchases that evening because we’d taken the class!) and figured out which diapers we wanted to add to our stash. I think I needed that in-person experience in order to really and truly make up my mind about committing to certain diapers. Both of the stores I’ve mentioned in this post have owners/employees that are extremely friendly and helpful. I’d recommend finding your (most) local CD store (ours is about an hour away) and making an in-person trip if you are considering taking the leap. Ask questions, look at the diapers, and even ask if you can diaper a doll if you’re so inclined. They’ve got everything you need to do that, and they really seem to genuinely love helping people learn more about cloth.

My next post will be about the different types of diapers we learned about, and which ones we’ve chosen. Stay tuned!


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I love to camp, hike, read, take pictures, spend time with friends and family, play word games, and learn stuff about all kinds of different things. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I'm a vegetarian teetotaler. I used to be a teacher and now I'm a wife and a mom.
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