bye bye baby

My last few weeks with a bona fide baby are running out furiously, so I’m trying to focus more on enjoying my little one in this sweet, sweet stage of life.

My son took his first step yesterday. It was awesome, because, well, the first steps are awesome. But it was even more amazing because my husband and I were both there to witness it. Baby Guy hasn’t repeated the feat, but he’s standing around without holding on to things more often and for longer periods. He’s started gesturing and playing while he’s standing there, so we can tell he’s more comfortable. We’re on the cusp of complete mobility and it’s terrifying and so, so exciting all at the same time.

Note the pilfered dishwasher item. Please disregard the price tag.

Baby Guy is tall enough that when he stands on his tiptoes he can reach high enough above the edge of his dresser to get his hand over the lip of the small glass jar I keep his coconut oil in. I learned that that hard way. Thankfully, he didn’t drop the jar, and the smearing was minimal.

He’s got a third tooth now, and eats sweet potatoes voraciously this week. Last week it was bananas, which he’s only so-so about at the moment. I roasted him a beet last weekend and he wouldn’t eat it plain, so I’ve been feeding him all manner of magenta purees, and he’s eaten them like a champ.

Baby Guy loves to hand us things now, though he usually wants them back immediately. I’m trying to teach him signs for please and thank you, but I’ve noticed that he pretty much ignores me when it comes to matters of etiquette. Every once in awhile he offers me or his dad something to hold, but jerks it away at the last second (often involuntarily flinging it out of his hand and off behind him like a misguided missile) laughing as we reach for it in vain. He’s learned how to tease us, people! What are we going to do now?! I’m proud to say that he thinks it’s just as funny if we do the same thing to him, so at least he can take as well as he gives.

I know I’m biased, but does it get any sweeter than this?!

My boy is saying “up” regularly now, there’s no question about it. He uses it fairly indiscriminately, both to be picked up and when he wishes to be passed to another person. Today he said “up” as he lunged floorward in my arms, so I think we need to do more work on learning “down”. He is still signing “more” a lot, though he’s slowed down with it and now it either means I want foodI want more of this food, or I want a different kind of food. I think that “bop” means that Baby Guy wants his bottle, and there are plenty of other sounds that have yet to be decoded, but seem purposeful. After I spent one (in my son’s esteemed opinion) hilarious diaper change saying, “Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, chugga chugga, chugga chugga, CHOO CHOO!” over and over again, he started saying “dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga” (and so on) for days. It took me awhile to put those two occurrences together, but when I made my awesome train noises for him again a few days later he seemed to try to mimic me, and I decided quite confidently that’s what all the dugga dugga was about.

My little boy isn’t all fun and games, of course. He gets frustrated with us sometimes (usually when he’s overtired) and in those moments we get a glimpse of his temper flaring. I’m thankful that those moments don’t usually last long, and are usually cured by a new activity, a nap, or just a little cuddle snuggle. He seems to tend toward joyfulness in general, which is such a blessing. This morning he woke up inexplicably at 2 a.m. and stayed awake for more than an hour, so I didn’t get my beauty sleep last night. That being said, he’s regularly sleeping for longer stretches, and I rarely need to get up with him before 5-6 a.m. these days (Insert Hallelujah Chorus).

I’m loving this stage of Baby Guy’s life, as I have loved every stage so far. It doesn’t make it any easier, though, to think about saying goodbye to my little baby to make way for the toddler who’s coming. However, I really am thrilled for the next steps so I’m just going to try to savor the last days of babyhood and take the rest as it comes.

Snack time calls for containment.

Happy Sabbath, everyone. May your dependents sleep soundly through the night.



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I love to camp, hike, read, take pictures, spend time with friends and family, play word games, and learn stuff about all kinds of different things. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I'm a vegetarian teetotaler. I used to be a teacher and now I'm a wife and a mom.
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