an update…a little late

*I wrote this post two months ago. Yes. two months ago. I have excuses, but I’ll tell you what they are in the next one. I will not wait two more months. I promise.

Here’s the update, circa January 24:

Other than the FPIES diagnosis and all of our holiday travels, a lot has changed lately. Baby Guy is making strides (literally and figuratively) at a rate that is alarming to his tired and not-so-young-anymore mama.


Helping his mama get some potatoes ready for the oven

Really, though, it’s thrilling to witness his rapid development. He’s walking and running all over the place these days: climbing into his little rocking chair by himself, pulling stuff off the counters and dining room table, helping himself to bowls from the cupboard and stirring his magnets in them, and spreading his books all over the floor in order to choose just the right one.

He’s taller and oh-so-skinny, his hair is growing like crazy (we’re going to have to give him haircut #2 pretty soon), and this very morning he told me when he was going potty in his diaper. I was not expecting him to be aware of that so soon, and my small flame of hope for an early potty training has been fanned.

Baby Guy, thanks to his Sabbath school lessons (which we read an average of about 3 times per day when he gets his way), has been completely convinced that he needs to be a helper like Samuel and Little Jesus were, so he spends a lot of time going around saying, “huppa, huppa, huppa!” and trying to sweep, carrying newly folded laundry from one place to another, and once even went to get me the dust pan (unbidden) when I was “feep”-ing the floor the other day. He has also been asking us to pray dozens of times each day, and has taken to loudly proclaiming “Ah-muh” at the end of each prayer. Add to that the repeated requests for the Zacchaeus and David songs at each diaper change, and you can see why I suspect we might have a second preacher man in the house.

Music is another of the little guy’s loves, whether it is his dad’s record player, the xylophone on his activity table (technically I think it’s a glockenspiel), his kazoo and cymbals, or his little toy piano. He still loves it when we sing to him, and is pretty enthralled with the music at church, too. Also, any pictures of musical instruments in his books get a lot of attention, with shouts of “muu! muu!”

One relatively new thing that Baby Guy’s been doing is pretending. It started before Christmas, when we caught him pretending to water the tree like he’d seen me doing the night before. He also holds the remote control for our nonexistent dvd player between his ear and shoulder and chatters away to us on the “fofe.” That usually means that he’s handed one of us his actual play phone so the two of us can converse.

We’re making minimal progress on identifying shapes, colors, and letters. He’s got stars down (they’re in the nativity story…he also learned sheep, donkey, and baby from all of our Christmas books), but the others are all questionable. He’s pretty fantastic with identifying animals and objects in his books, though, and he can make quite a few animal sounds. I may never forgive Sandra Boynton for writing Moo, Baa, La La La, because I’m pretty sure that my son is going to believe that pigs say “la, la, la” for the rest of his life. I cannot convince that kid to oink to save my life.

Being the teacher that I am, I made a list of the words he regularly attempted and how he pronounced them at the 15 month mark, and there were more than I would have guessed! His pronunciation of most of these words leaves something to be desired, but he uses them consistently and I can tell (with contextual hints) what he’s talking about.

Baby Guy’s been sleeping like a champ, though we think he’s on the verge of dropping his morning nap. He’s been growing and playing and having a great time giving us a run for our money.

After my last post I thought it would be good to note that it hasn’t all been diaper changes and allergies over here, we’ve been having some fun, too!


About Brianna Martin

I love to camp, hike, read, take pictures, spend time with friends and family, play word games, and learn stuff about all kinds of different things. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I'm a vegetarian teetotaler. I used to be a teacher and now I'm a pastor's wife and a mom passionate about raising my kids knowing Jesus.
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3 Responses to an update…a little late

  1. Oma says:

    I love to read these blogs you do and it gives me so much more insight into Emmett’s development. I love doing facetime with him and this just gives me another level of understanding how quickly he is growing. It would be nice to get him potty trained before the new little one arrives.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved reading this 🙂
    He is growing up so fast! Sounds like a bittersweet blast.


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