in which she gets off the couch

Today I rejoined the land of the living. I’m hesitant to say that this is a permanent change, because after a day of light to moderate activity I am feeling pretty tuckered. But, it was definitely the best I’ve felt in a long time.

I went to two stores today. Two!

I went to the school today to talk to people, and I stood up while holding my son for a whole one of the conversations!

I didn’t take a nap when Baby Guy did, because I was working on stuff. This, admittedly, was all work done on the computer, so I didn’t technically have to move anything except my eyeballs and my fingers, but still. I stayed awake and accomplished something so it counts.
It’s good that I’m at least beginning to make my recovery from morning sickness doom, because my son is gaining energy exponentially every day, I think. He runs, he spins, he carries laundry from one place to another, and though he is pretty snuggly (a fact for which I am truly thankful), he doesn’t settle in for long term cuddles unless I’m reading (we did 192 pages straight on Monday morning!). In short, he is a normally functioning toddler who requires that his mother move from place to place and it would be best if I got with the program sooner rather than later.

In other toddler news: Baby Guy is starting to feel heavier (which may just mean I’ve lost muscle mass in my recent decline). I’d like to think, though, that he’s actually gaining weight, as he’s been eating very well and sleeping quite well, too.

As far as FPIES goes, we trialed eggs with him again, since before his diagnosis we’d tried them too close together with other new things, and weren’t sure which food/s he was reacting to. Though he didn’t have any typical FPIES reaction to the eggs, he did develop a horrible diaper rash–think open sores–a couple of days after we started trialing them. Consulting with the allergist about it (and with other FPIES families in the Facebook group I’m in) led us to quit eggs (again). Just like that, Baby Guy is back to being vegan, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

We healed up the rash as well as gave his little belly time to heal, and then we started our peanut butter trial just last week. This time we made it almost a week, but his diapers were getting grosser and then the open sores appeared again, so peanut butter is off the list, too. This wasn’t horribly shocking, since he’s reacted to multiple legumes already, but it was pretty sad to lose both eggs and peanut butter as protein sources for our little soy and dairy-free vegetarian boy. It’s been a few days since we cut out the peanut butter and his little buns are looking better already, so once that rash is gone we’ll give him a full week to heal his intestines and then we’ll probably move on to almonds. It’s pretty important to me to find a versatile protein as soon as we can because, as awesome as it is to feel like a protein ninja, adding secret flaxseed to everything the poor child eats is probably not going to cut it for his entire childhood. Plus, it would be nice if he could drink something other than $39 cans of formula.

So, my heart is a tiny bit broken over Baby Guy missing out on these new foods, especially peanut butter, since he LOVES it. But, that little bit of sadness is nothing compared to the joy the kid brings almost every single waking moment. He doesn’t ever complain about not being able to eat things, so that helps. And he has taken to loudly proclaiming, “YUM, NUM, NUM!!” when he’s eating something he particularly enjoys (naan, “pizza”, anything with blueberries). It’s awesome. He’s also repeating after us to say prayers now, which is a whole new level of amazing. The other day he even started adding in his own stuff, making sure we pray for him to be “friendly,” which is of great concern to him lately. He says “I love you” back to us when we say it now, too. And, tonight when I asked him his memory verse during family worship time he told me “obey,” which obviously isn’t the whole thing, but he definitely got the main idea. It helps that the lesson for this month is about David, who is Baby Guy’s greatest hero (after Daddy).

Anyway, my mama heart is full tonight. I’m thankful for a better day. I’m thankful for my precious boy. And I’m thankful for a Sabbath to enjoy God, family, friends, and endless renditions of “Only a Boy Named David.”


About Brianna Martin

I love to camp, hike, read, take pictures, spend time with friends and family, play word games, and learn stuff about all kinds of different things. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I'm a vegetarian teetotaler. I used to be a teacher and now I'm a pastor's wife and a mom passionate about raising my kids knowing Jesus.
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2 Responses to in which she gets off the couch

  1. Jolene says:

    I’m so sorry you have been so sick with this pregnancy! I can only imagine the level of frustration with trying to care for a toddler and keep up with life in general while being barely able to move. I hope you’ve turned the corner! Also, I’m behind and didn’t realize your little guy was having issues with such severe allergies. That is a whole new level of challenge… Anyway, good to hear an update from you. Would love to catch up with you all in person one of these days soon.


    • mrsmartin says:

      Thank you, Jolene! I’m thinking that I’m on my way out of this morning sickness mess, but time will tell, I guess! I love reading the updates you write about your family, too. It’s nice we can at least keep tabs from so far away. We were sorry to miss you guys at Christmastime, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to get together!


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